Glamping  pods & cabins.

    luxury Glamping, adventure holiday or just nature
    watching the modu
    Log makes a great place to stay.

    Large double glazing allows you to enjoy the environment and views on sunny and rainy days.

    Designed and built to be used all year round a moduLog is perfect for any use and for any time of year.

    There are many designs and optional extras available to make your moduLog your own, from bespoke kitchens, shower rooms, beds & bunks, solar kits to name just a few.

    moduLog glamping pods and cabins are available in many sizes and designs. 

    Glamping pods without shower rooms.

    glamping pod inside

    Pods and cabins with shower rooms

    glamping pod with shower room.jpg

    Design your own

    Have a go at creating your own moduLog design.

    design bespoke glamping pod.jpg

    with its modular design the moduLog you can create a totally bespoke design to suit any personal requirements and budget.

    Finishing touches

    A choice of optional extras for a personal touch.

    glamping pod with bedroom.jpg

    From exterior cladding options to custom built fixtures and decoration there are many optional extras to choose from to customise your design.