moduLog Story.

To go with the launch of our new website here is a brief story of how we came about.

From design concept to unique luxury glamping pods, cabins and garden rooms.

Looking out over the snowy Wye valley this morning its making me think back to where we were nearly 4 years ago.

Then we were drawing up designs of our woodland glamping site and the glamping pods and log cabins to go in it. The next step was to think about what glamping pods to use.

After looking on what was on the glamping pod market they all seemed to be the same shape and all made from shop bought treated softwood timber or plastic uPVC. Nothing we could see really stood out, that’s when we decided to design our own. We also noticed that a lot what was on the market was made abroad and just re-sold on the British market.

We wanted to do something different and something handmade in the U.K.

We already had our joinery shop making oak joinery and trusses to go with our Building renovation business so we wanted to design something that utilized our skills and home-grown timber that would be friendly to the environment and used local sourced materials.

We also wanted a pod/cabin that would let in maximum amount of natural light and be able to have large glazing for maximising the views of the countryside.

The moduLog was born.

Using home grown timber and locally sourced materials and with its unique modular design and large glazing we have created something totally different.

With the modular design we can create many different sizes and styles and for many different uses.

The moduLog unlike many others is also built to be used all year round in all weathers, with 3 layers of water proofing and fully insulated for year round use.

Unlike many pods using plastic windows and roof coverings the moduLog is all natural and blends in with the environment with very low environmental impact.

And with its many design options we can create a totally bespoke moduLog to suit your requirements.

You are only limited by your imagination and budget.

Since our launch we have installed moduLog glamping pods, cabins and garden rooms all over the U.K. from the Cairngorm Mountains to the Isle of Wight and from small garden rooms to large holiday cabins.

Check out our last blog about where you can find a moduLog near you.

Leigh & the team.

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